African 51.006
P. 1969

A-01 Mimi (Bombenga) (Rumba) [Editions Edilo 2] Keh Jeskin & Orchestre Vox Africa
FOL 13172

B-01 Omoa-zoi (Bombenga) (Rumba) - [Editions Edilo 2] Edouard Jeskin & Orchestre Vox Africa
FOL 13175

total time: xx:xx

Sleeve backside

Comment: Many thanks to my good friend Anders Hällgren who also thinks about my health and tells me to just do a minimum and give up this nitpickin editing and thinks the most important part is the textfiles anyhow but still does these beautiful scans of the covers pictures and just about anything else that my feeble little mind desires! Thanks Anders!/LF 2005.08.31

It is obviously still not a complete discographical record, as we need the date, location for the well as a link to the setting of the orchestra at the time of recording etc. etc.
Alas, it is not a perfect world :-) /LF 2005.09.03