Zaïre (D.R Congo)

Sonafric - SAF 50 087
P. 1979 ?

Orchestre Les Kamale

A-01 Anifa [x] (x) [x] x Les Kamale [x]
A-02 Miyeleke [x] (x) [x] x Les Kamale [x]

B-01 Mobali Alali Nzala [x] (x) [x] x Les Kamale [x]
B-02 Ilanda [x] (x) [x] x Les Kamale [x]

LP total time: 00:00

(P. 197? Editions Esperance)

LP backside

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Comment: We are truly gratetful to Martin Sinnock for beautiful coverphotos as well as tracklisting and catalogue number. Thus made it possible to add this valuable information of an excellent record!. This was a long time lacunae and it is truly a pleasure to finally have gotten the correct trackinformation! When time allows I would very much like to be able to include the tracktime, composer, and publishing date and information about original edition. Thank you very much Martin!

It also escapes me how such an excellent album has never been rereleased on CD./LF2005.08.25

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