With the support of the following good people!

During my now more than 30 years of listening and collecting congolese music, I've been helped in large ways and small by more kind people than I can remember. The ones listed here (in no particular order) are among those I recall that had information that I benefitted from and deserve special credit!

Willy Epée Ekwe Silo
Graeme Ewens
Roelof "Rufus" Neeteson
Ange Gabriel
Jan Berggren
Vincent Kenis
David Peterson
Ronnie Graham
Steve Roney
Vincent Luttman
Hisano Luttman
Douglas Paterson
Mose Se Sengo "Fan Fan"
Anders Hällgren
Paul Johnston
Alastair Johnston
Magnus Sjögren
David Jalloux
Graeme Counsel
Fabian Altahona Romero
Bertil Kempe
Juan Carlos Mercado Rios
Peter Kowatsch
Pete Jack
Miyauchi Kyosuke -"bonobo"
Ibrahim Genawi
David Noyes
Juan Hanneyan
Martin Sinnock
Ronald Zee
Peter Toll
J. Bouloudi
Maestro Araï
Stephane Rebeschini
Robert W Massa
Doi Naotaka
Dan Berkman
Michael Waganda
Uli Niebergall
Rashid King
Jack Shoults
"Grègoire" de Villanova
Jim Sneglov
Paul Thompson
Zheng Ajing
ljm de Jonge
John Juston
Mij Volgens
Stefan Werdekker
Sylvain Konko
Andreas Rogler
Jonas Gruvaeus

As my faltering memory still by some divine grace occasionally experience moments of clarity and on especially clear days receive extraordinary impulses of insight, it is my sincerest hope that I will yet be able to amend to this list all those that rightfully deserv credit! Should you feel slighted in any way or know of someone missing, that actually merit to be on this list, Please, do not hesitate to contact me and help me giving praise to those that have contributed!

Thank you for your unstinting support!

Mr. Fung
(aka Lars Fredriksson)
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Lars Fredriksson