Recordings from the
Conference on Arabic Music held in
Cairo 1932

The conference on Arabic music was held in Cairo 1932 on the initiative of baron d'Erlanger and under the presedency of King Fouad I in the presence of several great musicologists, composers and orientalists, uniting the best of the classical and popular music styles performing musicians of the Maghreb and Asia Minor. After recordings made under the direction of Béla Bartòk and Mansûr Awad in connection with the conference, the Gramophone Company published noncommercially more than one hundred sixty 78 rpm discs. That is more than 320 sides of approximately 3 minutes each.

Finally in the 1990's some reissues from this vast body of recordings made at the Cairo conference 1932, previously only accessible to a few specialized scholars was made available on CD for the enjoyment and scrutiny of a wider audience . The ones that I know of are listed below. If there are omissions or editions that I am unaware of please let me know!

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APN 88 - 9-10
Various Arabic Artists Congrès du Caire 1932 Vol.1-2
(Institut du Monde Arabe et Phonotheque National du France)

AAA 006
Various Moroccan Artists Maroc - Musique Classique
(La Musique Classique Marocaine Congrès du Caire 1932)

AAA 094
Mohamed Ben Hassan et Mohamed Cherif
La Musique Classique Tunisienne Congrès du Caire 1932 Malouf (Tunisie)

AAA 098
Elhadj Elarbi Bensari et Rodwane
Congrès du Caire 1932 - Ecole de Tlemcen "Gharnata"

AAA 087 Le Maqam en Irak vol 1 - Congres du Caire 1932
Iraq - vol 1

AAA 097 Le Maqam en Irak vol 2 - Congres du Caire 1932
Iraq - vol 2

CEDEJ K7 Congrès de Musique arabe - Le Caire 1932
Enregistrements de musique égyptienne (morceaux choisis)There are also a few recordings from the conference of 1932 that appears on an accompanying cassette to the printed proceedings and papers of a Conference held in 25-28 May, 1989 on the Conference of 1932. It was made available with the "Actes du Colloque" (Papers of the Colloqium) at this occasion and later as a supplement to the volume of collected papers printed in Cairo 1992 by CEDEJ.

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AAA = Artistes Arabes Associés (Club du disque Arabe)
APN = Bibliothèque National