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Discography of Munshiddin from Upper Egypt

APN 88 - 9-10
Various Arabic Artists Congrès du Caire 1932 Vol.1-2
(Institut du Monde Arabe et Phonotheque National du France)

AAA 098
Elhadj Elarbi Bensari et Rodwane
Congrès du Caire 1932 - Ecole de Tlemcen "Gharnata"

AAA 087 Le Maqam en Irak vol 1 - Congres du Caire 1932
Iraq - vol 1

AAA 097 Le Maqam en Irak vol 2 - Congres du Caire 1932
Iraq - vol 2

CEDEJ K7 Congrès de Musique arabe - Le Caire 1932
Enregistrements de musique égyptienne (morceaux choisis)There are also a few recordings from the conference of 1932 that appears on an accompanying cassette to the printed proceedings and papers of a Conference held in 25-28 May, 1989 on the Conference of 1932. It was made available with the "Actes du Colloque" (Papers of the Colloqium) at this occasion and later as a supplement to the volume of collected papers printed in Cairo 1992 by CEDEJ.

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AAA = Artistes Arabes Associés (Club du disque Arabe)
APN = Bibliothèque National