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Chinese traditional music on 78 rpm
Chinese popular music on 78 rpm
Chinese classical music on 78 rpm
Chinese operas on 78 rpm

Chinese music by label on 78 rpm . First the Shengli-catalogue, (i.e.Victor)
Samples of Chinese 78-labels

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On Chinese Music (both popular and traditional)

On certain artists (to begin with concentrating on Yan Jupeng and some other early Jingju-artists)

Some Publishers and Dealers relevant to:

Chinese Music

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The Early Commercial recordings in China (Instrumental & ensemble music) (in preparation)

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Articles :

The Engineers
- Early Gramophone Company recordings abroad
- Ethnic Recording Field Trips Vintage Jazz Mart No. 94, 1994
Special Agents
- The role of local agents in early recording Vintage Jazz Mart No. 96 , 1994.

The Odeon Story Musical Traditions No. 14
[not yet prepared]

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