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TQXCD-001 Mr Fungs Chinese Singing Crickets Ensemble

CD total time 74:00 prize 100 SEK + shipping and handling.
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More about this CD as well as the coming CD CE006 聽秋-Listen to Autumn" can be found here

Listen to a sample of the whole ensemble:


12 Bamboo Bells
12 Large Yellow Bells
2 Small Yellow Bells
10 Golden Bells

solo by

The Heavenly Bell

Audio sample :


Small Yellow Bells ( Xiao huangling ) chorus, solo
Large Yellow Bells ( Dahuangling ) chorus, solo
Golden Bell (Jinling) chorus, solo
Bamboo Bells, chorus, solo
Green Golden Bell (Lü Jinzhong - also known as The Heavenly Bell), chorus, solo

Recorded at Tingqiuxuan Litang, autumn 2004.