Various containers & cages

Pocketboxes for smaller crickets (size between 0,8 and 1,3 cm) like:

Small Yellow bell ( Xiao huangling )
Big Yellow bell ( Dahuangling )
Golden Bell (Jinling)
Inkbell (Moling)
Longlife bell (Shouling)

and for the slightly larger (1,8 to 3,5 cm) like:

Bamboo bells
Cedarbell (Songling)
Black Goldbell (Hei Jinzhong)
Green goldbell (Lü Jinzhong - aka Heavenly Bell)

Some larger individuals are also kept like Bush & Ground Crickets and Katydids (3,5 - 6,5 cm) like:

Iron Armoured Katydid (Tiepi guoguo)
"Older Brother Summer" (Xia gege)
The Weaver (Fangzhiniang)
Oily Calabash (Youhulu)
"Sister", (Jieer, Zhazui)
"Coffinheads" (Guanzai bangzi)