Some resources on Chinese liquor and fermentation.

This is no more than a placeholder for some links until I get more time to organize some more of the material I have accumulated over the years on fermentation and distilling. LF 2005.11.08
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A Jin dynasty distilling pot from Northern China.
Found in december 1975 in Qinglongxian outside of Chengde now preserved in the Bishu shanzhuang museum in Chengde (Rehe - Jehol)

Three chinese articles on the Jin dynasty distilling pot found 1975 in Qinglongxian outside of Chengde.
河北省清龍縣出土金代銅燒酒鍋﹣文物1976:9 pp. 98-100.

Hebeisheng Qinglongxian chutu Jindai tong shaojiuguo.
Wenwu 1976:9 pp. 98-100.

金代蒸溜器考略﹣考古1980:5 pp. 466-471, 405.

Jindai zhengliuqi kaolüe.
Kaogu 1980:5 pp. 466-471, 405.


Cong kaogu faxian kan wo guo gudai de niangjiu jishu.
A newspaper article on the origins of fementation in China published in Guangming ribao 1980.04.01 - Has reference to the Qinglongxian distilling pot.

北山酒經 - 朱肱 [1088]

This text, from the Song dynasty, that I have been working with for the last several years is discussed in depth in my work「類書與北山酒經源流考略談」"Beishan jiujing yu leishu yuanliu kao lüetan." still pending publication, is a most valuable source for the understanding of the Chinese state of fermentation techniques at that period.

Here are the links to an article I wrote for a volume to commemorate the sixtieth birthday of my teacher in chinese prof. Göran Malmqvist.
The Liquor from Luzhou and the secret of the earth cellar.
English version Translated from swedish. This article was originally published in Orientaliska Studier - 49/50 (1984)
Brännvinet i Luzhou och jordkällarens hemlighet.
av Lars Fredriksson Orientaliska Studier - 49/50 (1984)

Swedish version

Please note that the two above links are external links to "The Art Bin Magazine" where there are digitally published versions of the then only in swedish original essay that was first published in:

Orientaliska Studier - 49/50 (1984)

Temanummer Vägar till Kina. Göran Malmqvist 60 år 1984.

complete table of contents to that volume can be found here: Orientaliska Studier