Marital Status attempts by early Luobanian settlers

This marriage certificate from 22 august1983 is the third time that a Luobaniyan couple tries to make a commitment to society in another feeble attempt to get acceptance. It can be construed as a heroic selfsacrifice but is initself a form of denial. The existentialist in anyone would immeditely jump at this blatant conformism and alert shimself to the possible consequenses of this action and come to a firm halt in the process. One half of the couple below have suggested posting of this document as a warning to younger not yet so experienced Luobaniyan citizens that this may not be a solution to either the flow of time nor to the peaceful Luobaniyan takeover of the third planet from the sun. FL 2005.05.17

There are at least three more pending and urgent updates regarding this topic. FL 2006.01.29