The Luobaniyan Constitution.

(preliminary, not even close, or near, to final draft!)

The Nation and the citizens of Luobaniya.

  • Luobaniya exist wherever a Luobaniyan citizen is presently standing, the Luobaniyan territory is approximately one meter* in radius from the point where the Luobaniyans feet is touching the ground. This gives a slight variation in territory for each Luobaniyan depending how far apart their legs are at the given time.

There is no Luobaniyan currency nor is there a standing army.

  • Each Luobaniyan adopts whatever currency is used by the hosting Nation and tries within reason to abide by the regulations and laws that has been put forth by the hosting Nation.
  • A Luobaniyan will never defend Luobaniyan territory, nor will he defend any other territory. If there is a threat he will leave the nasty bits of defence to the hosting Nation. If there is a threat upon the person of a Luobaniyan, he will take necessary measures to secure himself. The most favoured method for Luobaniyans has always been to try to entangle the offender in various ludicrous wordgames and minor squabbles, thereby confusing the opponent to the point of dizziness and on the verge of toppling over by themselves. This approach presupposes at least a minimum o intelligence on behalf of the opponent and alas, as we all know this is very often not the case. Having concluded insufficient or no intelligence in the adversary party a Luobaniyan is most likely to defend himself with the 36th stratagem described in the military classic Sanshiliuji (The 36 stratagems).
  • Since there is no permanent territory to defend, there is of course no need for neither army nor for visas, therefore there is no need to have any opening hours at the Banshichu. The invitation by a Luobaniyan and the visa issued by the hosting Nation is sufficient to enter Luobaniyan territory.

The Luobaniyan law of freedom for the individual.

  • With the profound sense in mind that true freedom can not be accomplished but is still worth a try, no Luobaniyan must ever cease to struggle for his or her emancipation!
  • A foolproof way not to achieve freedom for oneself is to try to deprive someone else of any degree of their presumed or real relative freedom.
  • The gnawing feeling, that everything is wrong, is right! And there is no reason to worry because things will never get themselves sorted out.
  • Still it is every Luobaniyans duty to, without delay, try to get things sorted out!
  • The very simple Luobaniyan law of freedom is the fundamental thought that would permeate any Luobaniyan law or penal code should any such ( I cannot remember that there ever was any! F.L.) come into existence. To my immediate recollection there is no law nor any statutes to either secure or circumvent any action of a Luobaniyan except that.

Luobaniyans untie!

You have nothing to loose but your minds.