Luobaniyan update - 2006-01-28

As most of you have understood already this indicates that the Luobaniyan site has again become subject of some renewed attention.

After years of neglect it became only too obvious that there was a definite need for this undertaking to revive itself.

The immense amount of material that has flown generously and freely from eminent Luobaniyans over these last few years has been absolutely overwhelming and demanded inclusion and editing.

However the task of structuring Luobaniyan data in itself provides for some quite interesting twists and turns, especially with regards to hierarchies in classification schemes, variant possibilities in linking of the material and the hypertext itself as a philosophical enigma. The amount of structural fascism that could be the result of putting a Luobaniyan librarian cum documentalist left alone tweaking the parameters of logical classification, chronology, periodicity, ideology, etc. are simply baffling...

Therefore in my enlightened wisdom I have finally settled the matter by adapting a more dreamlike associative structuring or shall we say an obstinate attempt to refrain from structuring or at least to be such an obvious giveaway at the first peek.

If there are observations of idiosyncratic instances or links pointing to what you may perceive as simply wrong. Don't be fooled by your first impression. They are all intentional! If they were not, you would not be in any position to judge or understand this anyhow and therefore it is better for ones mental health to accept them as intentional!

Apart from the usual round of historical photogalleries of prominent Luobaniyans in pre-decay times there are some frivolous sections on culinaria, ludens, mores, ars musici, ars picti and loci currens.

Since latin was never a distinguished Luobaniyan language the isolated remnants of that language in the above paragraph may leave much to be desired however if you don't grasp the lingo or can't even think up a possible association that may lead you right on the mark you may not be a Luobaniyan.

Lao Feng