These potable products are held in high esteem by some Luobaniyans, who will even go as far as to recommend them for consumption outside their community.

Then of course there is the Moroccan Mint Tea! More on that later...

Egyptian Tea - El Arosa

Al Azab a "native" Luobaniyan from al Gourna brought this one to the bill of fares.

The Coffe of Madras is a real treat but also a threat to diabetics. It is almost as sweet as Egyptian and Brazilian coffe!

Drinking pleasure! There are so many things to drink some taste very good and others taste good, I have discovered that there is much to be gained from having an open mind to different quality.
Drinks concidered "inferior" really have their place in as much as there is nothing that can replace them. I can find fifty "better" shaoxing grainbrews but there is nothing that can replace this one!

This one supposedly has the above label licked.

I would love to lick both! Actually I love most "lickers"!

A nice one that Frizino brought once...

Not really recommended with Surströmming. Actually you should drink only beer or fresh milk with Fermented Hering! Although as a Luobaniyan you are free to drink coconutmilk with it if that is your pleasure!

Give me a Malted!

double entendre...

This is a travelling kit of portable beeropeners one alredy in China in 1978 and the other joined up in a japanese shop in Kyoto carrying cold

A luobaniyan pondering upon the wonders of having such facilities at ones hands but not grasping the "and you can close the bottle with the same opener as it works as a very tight cork" hissing while exuding these remarks on an inhale: " So it is very nice to open this bottle like this, is so convenient, but why you should close an opened beer bottle before finishing the contents?"

although of late it has become more and more evident that to the wellbeing of a Luobaniyan organism the most rewarding beverages to be had are Leffe Blond and the above Triple...

as well as Affligem

and St Feuillenne

all these "blonds", are the best default ones and the bruin and other choise.beers like double and triple to be had.

If the situation allowes there is also much to be said cum laude about both Gauloise, Rochefort and Westmalle, but above all Westfleeteren!

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