Edible local products


different geographical origins held in high esteem


various Luobaniyans.

So many Luobaniyans have been instrumental in creating a totally new environment for seemingly alienated local products gathered and scavenged at various locations where Luobaniyans have roamed. Sometime the mere presence of these products have allowed them to ascend to heights hitherto unknown and in some cases even elevate themselves and their culinaric arts to a level where transformation into a totally new cuisine emerges. Here again, we see food at the centre of cultural transmission and as so many times before, again manifesting one of the biggest advantages of being part of the Luobaniyan community.

Simply very good intestants both inside and outside the sausage! There is a "cognate" in Armenian and Turkish cooking! Recipe to follow!

The famous flour of which Lorenzos Arepas can be made. This is a true Luobaniyan dinner no longer bearing any resemblance to the Venezuelan original inspirational dish. Still awaiting corrections to recipe from mr Duque.

Great if your only other food is cooked rice!

A very special "kipperspatè"

A spreadversion of the above

The only "caviar" that some Luobaniyans eat regularily.

One of the better brands of "surströmming" (fermented aged hering)

Some Portugese cheese that makes any dinner better!

One of the better "Quargel" (1 % fat skimmed milk cheese... and Yes it IS good!)

Italian christmas! Thanks for this enlightment from Maria! with other Torrone morbido etc.

I can never stay away from these little temptations. Last time was by real freak coinsidence in Alexandria!

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