Resources on Arabic and Maghrebian Music

Discographies & Biographies:

Arabic classical music on 78 rpm and reissues.

Arabo-andalucian music on 78 rpm, LP's CD's and K7's

Arabic traditional and popular music on 78 rpm

On certain artists (to begin with concentrating on Umm Kulthum )

Umm Kulthum a discography of all her recordings with hyperlinks from a (firstline indexes to her songs, listing songs known to have been recorded or performed by her with reference to date of first performance and audiogrammes available on the market. As of yet listing CD's and LP'sonly, to be merged with information on the 78 rpm recordings and radio broadcasts, and if not released or available on any other media also including cassettes (K7).

'Abd al-Wahhab (Mohammad) (at the moment listing CD's and LP's only, but with more or less the same goal as the UK discography.)

Leila Morad (soon listing CD's and K7's only.)

Mohamed Fawzi (soon listing CD's and K7's only.)

Mohamed Abdul Mottaleb (soon listing CD's and K7's only.)

Bibliographies & other Resources:

On Arabic Music (to begin with, concentrating on Arabo-Andalucian music)

On certain artists (to begin with, concentrating on Umm Kulthum)

Biographic information

Biographical data of some Arabic artists & musicians

Some articles on Arabic music:

The texts by Frederic Lagrange are all taken from the english translations in the leaflets included in the CD-reissues by Club du Disque Arabe (Association Artistes Arab). (These are under preparation LF/97 04 17)

L'Age D'Or de la Musique Egyptienne (Instrumental) AAA-043 (in preparation) (dummy)

Café Cairo vol. 1 AAA-099 (in preparation)

Café Cairo vol. 2 AAA-115 (in preparation)

Abd al-Hayy Hilmi AAA-075 (in preparation)

Shayk Yusuf al Manyalawi AAA-065 (in preparation)

Sahyk Abu al-Ilâ Mohammad AAA-114 (in preparation)

Salama Higazi AAA-085 (in preparation)

Shaykh Sayyid Darwîsh AAA-096 (in preparation)

By Moussali?

Archive de la Musique Arabe Vol. 1 Ocora C-558678

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Articles by Paul Vernon:

The Engineers
- Early Gramophone Company recordings abroad
- Ethnic Recording Field Trips Vintage Jazz Mart No. 94, 1994
Special Agents
- The role of local agents in early recording Vintage Jazz Mart No. 96 , 1994.

The Odeon Story Musical Traditions No. 14
[not yet prepared]

Cairo Practice FolkRoots No.141
Feast of East FolkRoots No.145.
Arte Regional FolkRoots No.157 [missing background]
Empire State - the Ottoman Empire
- article on the turkish scene - FolkRoots No. 167

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