Umm Kulthum on LP's & CD's

This list is incomplete and may unfortunately be slightly unreliable as the most conflicting information is to be found in various catalogues issued by Sonodisc over the years. I hope I will get the time and opportunity to compare them myself but at the moment I am at the mercy of printed material and to any of you supplying information. I present this list maby a bit premature as I have gotten several requests for it and I hope it makes things more comprehensible than it confuses people.

This discography will hopefully be updated to reflect some of the instances were the LP-version is a different recording than the one on the CD. Generally speaking it seems that there is correspondence on most parts between the LP and the CD with the exception that the CD versions in general are a bit longer and therefore more complete. But i will try to indicate in a later revised version of this list what CD's definitely have other versions than the LP's.

There is another very disturbing and to me still confusing problem with the numbers of the LP's. It seems that Sonodisc catalogues and LP-record covers sometimes list the same title under different numbers. Maby they renumbered some of the LP's in later pressings of the same version of a song, but possibly they also released alternate versions, and sometimes it seems that they just printed the wrong numbers. As I have no way at the moment to compare these it is my hope that some of the more knowledgeable of you could help me out on this one, for instance you can see that SC-22107 was used for both Roubaiyat el Khayam and Baid Annak. I beleive that is caused by a misprint in some of Sonodiscs catalogues and that Baid Annak was never released as anything else than SC-22110, but there are some other questions remaining that will only be solved when one can compare them physically.

The titles that are listed as (E.P.) "Enregistrements Public" are so indicated in catalogue information from Sonodisc. Please note however, that several titles not marked (E.P.) actually may be edited live performances as well!

Finally should it please you to see the LP-cover I have scanned some of the covers and linked them to the corresponding numbers!

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LP No CD No [CD time] Title (notes and comments)

SC-22101 Sono 184 [41:37] Hajartek [alt spelling Hagartak]
SC-22102 Sono 145 [58:15] Aoulek Eih (E.P.)
SC-22103 Sono 101 [48:30] Al Atlal (E.P.)
SC-22104 Sono 102 [60:00] Anta Oumri
SC-22105 Sono 123 [63:32] Amal Hayati
SC-22106 Sono 126 [57:51] Fakkarouni
SC-22107 Sono 124 [74:17] Roubaiyat el Khayam (E.P.) [36:47] (On CD with: Chams el assil [37:25] [SC-22129] see also:121 (some catalogues mistakenly? lists Baid Annak as SC-22107)
SC-22108 Sono 105 [55:00] Fat El Miyad
SC-22109 Sono 134 [58:50] Anta El Hob [studiorecording]
SC-22110 Sono 107 [59:00] Baid annak [studiorecording]
SC-22111 Sono 000 [00:00] Hadith errouh (LP with: Masr tatahadas an Nafsaha?)[compare SC-22154]
SC-22112 Sono 185 [37:45] La Ya Habibi (E.P.)
SC-22113 Sono 109 [49:57] Anta Fein Wel Hobb we Fein (E.P.) [alt. Anta fenn we hob fenn]
SC-22114 Sono 136 [70:49] Hassibak lizzamane (E.P.) (On CD with: Rabiaa el Adaweya [27:00][SC-22117]
SC-22115 Sono 143 [71:34] Zalamna el hob [37:35] (On CD with: Hayart Kalbi [34:00][SC-22118])
SC-22116 Sono 111 [61:10] El Alb Yeshak Kol Gamil / Mouch Momken Abadan (live & acoustic)

SC-22117 Sono 136 [70:49] Rabia el adawia (On CD with: Hassibak Lizzamane [41:10][SC-22114]
(see also Digital Press Hellas SonoCairo 155-E & 156-E)
SC-22118 Sono 143 [71:34] Hayart kalbi (E.P.) [34:00] (On CD with: Zalamna El Hob [37:35] [SC-22115])
SC-22119 Sono 129 [57:45] Serat El Hob
SC-22120 Sono 110 [45:37] El Hob Keda (E.P.)
SC-22121 Sono 128 [56:36] Ya Zalamni
SC-22122 Sono 186 [38:00] Houwa Sahih El Hawa Ghalab (see also Sono 138 for other version?)
SC-22123 Sono 130 [61:23] Zekrayat (live & acoustic)
SC-22124 Sono 116 [52:35] Awet Eni (E.P.)
SC-22125 Sono 138 [72:04] Hazihi lailati [39:30] (On CD with: Houwa Sahih El Hawa Ghalab [32:30][SC-22122] (see also Sono 186)
SC-22126 Sono 106 [58:30] Alf Leila Wa Leila [studiorecording]
SC-22127 Sono 131 [56:17] Arouh Le Min
SC-22128 Sono 132 [58:59] Akbala El Leil (live & hammond organ)
SC-22129 Sono 121 [37:27] Chams El Assil (see also:124 )
SC-22129 Sono 124 [74:17] Robayat El Khayam [36:47] [SC-22107] / Chams el assil [37:25] [SC-22129] see also:121
SC-22130 Sono 187 [41:53] Essal Rohak [studiorecording]
SC-22131 Sono 103 [50:00] We Marret El Ayam (live & acoustic)
SC-22132 Sono 127 [63:09] El Hob Kollo (studio & el- gtr& hmd org)
SC-22133 Sono 111 [61:10] El alb yeshak kol gamil (On CD with: Mouch Momken Abadan [])
SC-22134 Sono 137 [74:15] Aghadan alkak [40:40] (On CD with: Hakam Alee Na El Hawa [33:35][SC-22143][see also:133]
SC-22135 Sono 122 [59:28] Al amal (E.P.) [28:47] (On CD with: Helm [29:41][SC-22151])
SC-22136 Sono 118 [46:10] Sharan Liwadhi
SC-22137 Sono 113 [45:15] El Soulasia El Mokadassa [see also:135 (other version ?)
SC-22138 Sono 135 [60:00] Amen agle aenek [38:30] (On CD with: El Soulasia El Mokadassa [21: 30] [SC-22137)
SC-22139 Sono 188 [38:39] Lessabr Haddoud (E.P.) [alt sp; Lissabr Heddoud]
SC-22140 Sono 104 [55:00] Ya Messaharni [studiorecording] (CD has live version)
SC-22141 Sono 115 [45:27] Lesa Faker (E.P.)
SC-22142 Sono 108 [55:00] Lailet Hob (live & electric guitar)
SC-22143 Sono 133 [33:38] Hakam Aleena El Hawa [see also:137]
SC-22144 Sono 117 [46:35] Ana Fe Entezarak
SC-22145 Sono 114 [45:35] Ahl El Hawa (E.P.)
SC-22146 Sono 112 [45:40] Dalili Ehtar (live & acoustic)
SC-22147 Sono 147 [59:05] Aghar Men Nesmat El Ganoub (E.P.)
SC-22148 Sono 120 [58:30] Keset El Ams (E.P.)
SC-22149 Sono 125 [38:01] El Awela Fel Gharam (E.P.)
SC-22150 Sono 189 [42:29] Betfakkar Fi Min (E.P.)
SC-22151 Sono 122 [59:28] Helm [29:41] (On CD with: Al Amal [28:47][SC-22135])
SC-22152 Sono 190 [41:01] El Ahaat (E.P.)
SC-22153 Sono 191 [38:23] Arat Asia El Damai
SC-22154 Sono 000 [00:00] Masr tatahadas an Nafsaha / Hobbena el Kebir (Compare SC-22111)
SC-22155 Sono 000 [00:00] Unknown *
SC-22156 Sono 000 [00:00] Gelobt Ashale fe Rohi (E.P.) (CXGCD-649)
SC-22157 Sono 192 [39:19] Gadet Hobak Leih
SC-22158 Sono 000 [00:00] Habibi yesaid awkatoh / Ganili shawia shawia
SC-22159 Sono 193 [40:45] Sourat El Shak (recital intro, live & acoustic)
SC-22160 Sono 000 [00:00] Leh telawaaini -Aycha el folk - Seket wel damea takallam-Enti fakrani - Yalli raeat el ahood - Fain el iyoun
SC-22161 Sono 000 [00:00] Ila arafat allah - Touba - Biridak ya khaliki - Koran el karim
SC-22162 Sono 000 [00:00] Unknown *
SC-22163 Sono 000 [00:00] Unknown *
SC-22164 Sono 148 [51:20] Yalli Kan Yechgeek Aneeni [CXGCD 617-has another live version]
SC-22165 Sono 142 [66:35] Salo Kaos Al Tella [33:00] (On CD with: Azkourini [33:35] [SC-22169])
SC-22166 Sono 000 [00:00] Unknown *
SC-22167 Sono 146 [56:55] Woleda El Hoda [see also CXGCD 605]
SC-22168 Sono 000 [00:00] Unknown *
SC-22169 Sono 142 [66:35] Azkourini [33:35] (On CD with: Salo Kaos Al Tella [33:00] [SC-22165])

* If someone knows the titles for numbers listed above as Unknown, I would be most happy if you let me know what they are! Maby some of them are to be found among the titles on CD's that has material not known to me as having been issued on vinyl:

As far as I have been able to find out, the below listed LP's
have not yet appeared on CD.

SC-22111 Masr tatahadas an Nafsaha / Hadith errouh [compare 22154]
SC-22154 Masr Tatahadas An Nafsaha / Hobbena el Kebir [compare 22111]

SC-22160 Leh Telawaaini

Face 1

A 01 Leh Telawaaini [5:10] (AAA 027- vol 5-06)
A 02 Ayoha el folk [6:40] (AAA 027- vol 5-09)
A 03 Seket wel damea takallam [9:00]

Face 2

B 01 Enti fakrani [6:30]
B 02 Yalli raeat el ahood [6:35] (AAA 029- vol 7-05)
B 03 Fain el iyoun (AAA 028- vol 6-02)

As far as I have been able to find out the below listed CD's
were not previously on LP's

Sono 119
[47:10] Faker Lema Kont Gamby [24:40] / Ya Toul Az Abi [22:30]
Sono 144 [59:55] Al Nile [26:55] / Nagh El Borda [23:00] (studio & acoustic) (see also CXGCD 605)
Sono 149 "Chansons du film Fatma"
- El ward gamil - Gamal el donya - Nasra kaywa - Nourek ya set el kol - Ya sabah el kol - Zalamouny
Sono 150 "Chansons du film Wedad"
- Ya bahget el e´ied el sa´id - Leih ya zaman - Ya tair ya ayesh aseer - Ala balad el Mahbub - Ya Bashir
Sono 151 "Chansons du film Sallama"
- Ghanny Ii shewaya shewaya Salamo Allah (El Fawaseer) Kalo Ahabal Kasso Salla-ma - Ya ain Ya ain

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