Some hints about Luobaniya.

To describe Luobaniya as a set of rules is definitely not doing justice to the grand scheme conjured by exiled students in China in the late 70ies. It would be more fair to think of it as a state of mind and possible parallell abode with only few bearings on the "dusty world".

As some of you may recall, most of the time we used to refer to ourselves, and any other party associated with us at the time, as the Luobaniyan Liuxueshenghui. Most eminently when ordering transportation like Sanlun'r, Huasha or even regular zuchuche, while ordering xijupiao or the tables for the 'jour fix' or 'demi fix'.

As a humble participant in sometimes mind wrecking exercises to propose an alternative to the contemporary selfconceited powerblind, citizendevouring nations, I have felt a recent urge to jot some of the main thoughts on the 'State of Luobaniya' down in web-ink. I feel the memory sometimes slipping away from me but the following is to the best of my recollection at least a fair approximation of the corpus of the suggestions for a Luobaniyan constitution.

As it was appearing in fragments and tentative allusions and continuously underwent frequent emendations and clarifications, I call upon the founding fathers and mothers to please excuse any misconceptions and to rush forth to point their unrelenting fingers at each and every mistake or flagrant error that offend their scrutinizing eyes.

Without further "luosuo", here is the preliminary draft of a

Luobaniyan Constitution.

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