Umm Kulthum discography draft

Umm Kulthum
on Sonodisc CD's & LP's

If there is more than one track on an LP or CD each tracktime is given after the trackname, If only one of the tracks from a CD is issued on the LP it is indicated after the trackname, sometimes there is also crossreferences to alternate recordings of the same title. I have not always been able to compare the LP with the CD but in general there is more editing on the LP's, i.e shorter instrumental introductions, edited applause and so on. There are even a few cases were an entirely other recording session has replaced the LP version on the CD. Sometimes it is of some aid to compare times but due to the editing practise it is an uncertain one.

Media Number
CD / Total Time / Title/ LP/

Sono 101 [48:30] Al Atlal (live & acoustic) [for vinyl see:SC-22103]
Sono 102 [60:00] Anta Oumri (live & acoustic) [for vinyl see:SC-22104]
Sono 103 [50:00] We Marret El Ayam (live & acoustic) [for vinyl see:SC-22131]
Sono 104 [55:00] Ya Messaharni (live & acoustic) [for vinyl see:SC-22140]
Sono 105 [55:00] Fat El Miyad (live & electric guitar, clt) [for vinyl see:SC-22108]
Sono 106 [58:30] Alf Leila Wa Leila [for vinyl see:SC-22126]
Sono 107 [59:00] Baid Annak [for vinyl see:SC-22110]
[some catalogues lists Baid Annak as SC-22107]
Sono 108 [55:00] Lailet Hob (live & electric guitar) [for vinyl see:SC-22142]
Sono 109 [49:57] Anta Fenn We Hob Fenn [Hob Eeh] [for vinyl see:SC-22113]
Sono 110 [45:37] El Hob Keda (live & acoustic) [for vinyl see:SC-22120]
Sono 111 [61:10] El Alb Yeshak Kol Gamil [for vinyl see:---?---]
Mouch Momken Abadan (live & acoustic) [for vinyl see:SC-22116]
Sono 112 [45:40] Dalili Ehtar (live & acoustic) [for vinyl see:SC-22146]
Sono 113 [45:15] El Soulasia El Mokadassa [for vinyl see:SC-22137]
[see also:135 (shorter version ) possibly same as [SC-22137]
Sono 114 [45:35] Ahl El Hawa (live ) [for vinyl see:SC-22145]
Sono 115 [45:27] Lesa Faker [for vinyl see:SC-22141]
Sono 116 [52:35] Awet Eni [for vinyl see:SC-22124]
Sono 117 [46:35] Ana Fe Entezarak [for vinyl see:SC-22144]
Sono 118 [46:10] Sharan Liwadhi [for vinyl see:SC-22136]
Sono 119 [47:10] Faker Lema Kont Gamby [24:40] [for vinyl see:---?---]
Ya Toul Az Abi [22:30] [for vinyl see:---?---]
Sono 120 [58:30] Keset El Ams (live & acoustic) [for vinyl see:SC-22148]
Sono 121 [37:27] Chams El Assil (see also:124 ) [for vinyl see:SC-22129]
Sono 122 [59:28] Al Amal [28:47] [SC-22135] [for vinyl see:---?---]
Helm [29:41] [SC-22151]
Sono 123 [63:32] Amal Hayati [for vinyl see:SC-22105]
Sono 124 [74:17] Robayat El Khayam [36:47] [SC-22107]
Chams el assil [37:25] [SC-22129] see also:121 [for vinyl see:]
Sono 125 [38:01] El Awela Fel Gharam (live & accoustic)[for vinyl see:]SC-22149
Sono 126 [57:51] Fakkarouni (live & electric guitar) [for vinyl see:] SC-22106
Sono 127 [63:09] El Hob Kollo (live & el- gtr& hmd org)[for vinyl see:SC-22132
Sono 128 [56:36] Ya Zalamni [for vinyl see:SC-22121]
Sono 129 [57:45] Serat El Hob [for vinyl see:SC-22119]
Sono 130 [61:23] Zekrayat (live & acoustic) [for vinyl see:SC-22123]
Sono 131 [56:17] Arouh Le Min [for vinyl see:SC-22127]
Sono 132 [58:59] Akbala El Leil (live & hammond organ) [for vinyl see:SC-22128]
Sono 133 [33:38] Hakam Aleena El Hawa [see:137] [for vinyl see:SC-22143]
Sono 134 [58:50] Anta El Hob (live & electric guitar) [for vinyl see:SC-22109]

Sono 135
[60:00] El Soulasia El Mokadassa [21: 30] [for vinyl see: SC-22137]
Amen Agle Aenek [38:30] (Studio & Organ) [for vinyl see: SC-22138]

Sono 136
[70:49] Hassibak Lizzamane [26:59] [for vinyl see:SC-22115]
Rabiaa el Adaweya [41:10] [for vinyl see:SC-22117]

Sono 137
[74:15] Aghadan Alkak [40:40] [for vinyl see:SC-22134]
Hakam Alee Na El Hawa [33:35] [for vinyl see:[SC-22143]
[see also:Sono 133] [and vinyl:SC-22125]

Sono 138
[72:04] Hazihi Leilati [39:30] [for vinyl see:SC-22125]
Houwa Sahih El Hawa Ghalab [32:30][for vinyl see: SC-22122]
(see also Sono 186)

Sono 139 [50:28] "Talet Layali El Boaad…" (1928-1938 - 78 rpm's) [for vinyl see:--?--]

Sono 140 [48:48] Hadeeth Al Rouh [26:20] [SC-22111] / [for vinyl see:---?---]
Ghareb Ala Bab El Raga [22:28][for vinyl see:---?---]

Sono 141 [47:25] "Gamalek Rabena Yesiedo…" (1931-1934 -78 rpm's) [for vinyl see:---?---]

Sono 142 [66:35] Azkourini [33:35][for vinyl see:SC-22169*]
Salo Kaos Al Tella [33:00][for vinyl see:SC-22165, SC-22115]

Sono 143
[71:34] Zalamna El Hob [37:35] [for vinyl see:SC-22115]
Hayart Kalbi [34:00] [] [for vinyl see:SC-22118]

Sono 144
[59:55] Al Nile [26:55] [for vinyl see:]
Nagh El Borda [23:00] (studio)(see also CXGCD 605)[for vinyl see:]

Sono 145
[58:15] Aoulek Eih [for vinyl see:SC-22102]
Sono 146 [56:55] Woleda El Hoda (see also CXGCD 605 ) [for vinyl see:SC-22167]
Sono 147 [59:05] Aghar Men Nesmat El Ganoub [for vinyl see:SC-22147]
Sono 148 [51:20] Yalli Kan Yechgeek Aneeni [other live version on CXGCD 617] [for vinyl see:SC-22164]

Sono 149 [ 42:00] Chanson Du Film Fatma [CXGCD 616-has two tracks?][for vinyl see:---?---]

Sono 150 [43:13] Chanson Du Film Wedad [for vinyl see:---?---]

Sono 151 [ 29:52] Chanson Du Film Sallama [for vinyl see:---?---]

Sono 152 - 180 Reserved numbers !?

(I am just assuming this as there are no numbers used for any other titles in this range yet in their most recent printed catalogue of 1996.)

Sono 181 [39:56] Salou Kalbi [for vinyl see:---?---]
Sono 182 [47:09] Ghanna El Rabie [for vinyl see:---?---]
Sono 183 [38:05] "El Noum Yedaeb Habiby" (78 rpm's?) [for vinyl see:---?---]

Sono 184 [41:37] Hajartek [alt spelling Hagartak] [for vinyl see:SC-22101]
Sono 185 [37:45] La Ya Habibi (live & acoustic) [for vinyl see:SC-22112]
Sono 186 [38:00] Houwa Sahih El Hawa Ghalab (see also Sono 138) [for vinyl see:SC-22122]
Sono 187 [41:53] Essal Rohak [for vinyl see:SC-22130]
Sono 188 [38:39] Lessabr Haddoud [alt sp; Lissabr Heddoud] [for vinyl see:SC-22139]
Sono 189 [42:29] Betfakkar Fi Min [for vinyl see:SC-22150]
Sono 190 [41:01] El Ahaat (live & acoustic) [for vinyl see:SC-22152]
Sono 191 [38:23] Arat Asia El Damai [for vinyl see:SC-22153]
Sono 192 [39:19] Gadet Hobak Leih [for vinyl see:SC-22157]
Sono 193 [40:45] Sourat El Shak (recital intro, live & acoustic) [for vinyl see:SC-22159]

As far as I have been able to find out the below listed CD's were not previously on any LP's.

Sono 119 [47:10] Faker Lema Kont Gamby
Ya Toul Az Abi [22:30]

Sono 144
[59:55] Al Nile [26:55]
Nagh El Borda [23:00] (studio)(see also CXGCD 605)

Sono 149 "Chansons du film Fatma"
Sono 150 "Chansons du film Wedad"
Sono 151 "Chansons du film Sallama"
Sono 193 Sourat el shak (introductory recital of poem)

As far as I have been able to find out, the below listed LP's
have not yet appeared on CD.

SC-22156 Gelobt Ashale fe Rohi (1946) (was finally reissued on CXGCD-649)

Masr tatahadas an Nafsaha (1951) (also known as Waqafa al-khalq)[compare 22154]
Hadith errouh (1967)
SC-22154 Masr Tatahadas An Nafsaha (1951)[compare 22111]
Hobbena el Kebir (1965)
SC-22160 Leh Telawaaini, etc...

01 Leh Telawaaini (1938) [5:10] (AAA 027- vol 5-06)
Ayoha el folk (1938) [6:40] (AAA 027- vol 5-09)
03 Seket wel damea takallam (1930) [9:00]
Enti fakrani (1938) [6:30]
05 Yalli raeat el ahood (1935) [6:35] (AAA 029- vol 7-05)
Fain el iyoun (1934) (AAA 028- vol 6-02)

[for other vinyl reference see my list of Sono Cairo LP's]

Any information (like dates and location of recording and settings pertaining to the music listed above is very welcome and any information, especially about music not listed above and not in this preliminary discography is most welcome indeed!

Please send e-mail to: if you have any supplementary information, or if you find errors in any of the above.