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Request for the next major revision!


Some very good additions to the 45 disocgraphies (Sonafric & African) that just arrived by the kind help of Yovo

I am away travelling and will be back after the 18th of September, but don't let that stop you from sending more material!
I will edit it into the discographies then! /LF 2005.09.08.



Some initial progress has been made on the Sacodis catalogue there is a first sneakpreview to take a gander at here:



I Really should be doing more editing on these discographies as it is so much fun!

I am very happy to announce that:

There has been some very nice additions to the discographies!

In all honesty the number one price for best psychedelic poster (or T-shirt) candidate goes to the absolutely Wonderful Les Kamale covers contributed by Martin Sinnock.

Other very nice covers are the suite of cultural artifacts in the 45's covers contributed by the ever helpful and generous Paul Johnston.

91016 Editions Zebi 001
91228 Editions Sakumuna 25
91356 Editions Veve 225
91241 Editions Langa-Langa 03
91496 Lolaka
91504 Editions Veve 234
91518 Editions Zebi M008
91580 Editions Molende 42

I am also particularily happy to be able to add another suite depicting various scenes and portraits of children kindly supplied by the generous helping hand extended by the knowledgable Ronald Zee.

numbers are:

I am to lazy to make a link for all of them, but all of the above are found in:


Hope you enjoy and that this inspires all of you to still more glorious contributions and additions. For those of you with more time on your hands or that find this important I hope you could consider making photos and scans also of the labels themselves. I have decided to save my hurting hands a bit more that i will not make a .html interace for just a coverphoto. It will be linked directly to the larger .jpg from the "thumb" of the picture, and not until I also have the backsides and/or the labels, will I make the .html document on the individual record.

For an example of the ideal presentation of metadata and artwork for one individual 45 record, the place to look is here in the Fiesta 45 catalogue:

You are now welcome to try an estimate what years/month/date/hour/ the discographies will be complete with all the artwork, settings of orchestras date and location of recording. etc etc.... /LF


I REALLY should not be doing this right now, but it seems impossible not to spend a few moments on this since I got so much more fantastic meterial. Please, just let me share with you this beautiful catalogue! Just take a look at this wonderrful document that came to bolingo.org by the kind assistance of Sylvain Konko and Stefan Werdekker.

bolingo.org proudly presents the Olympia Catalogue, a catalogue of 78 rpm recordings from the late 1940's. And like Stefan Wedekker says. "This is one to make you weep!" And it is more than enough to make one weep not being able to hear any of the items in the catalogue. If anyone has any of these recordings it is a most meriting action to make them available as. This is endangered audio on the verge of total extinction!

Need I say: World Cultural Heritage that ought to be protected. Anyone who has any information about anything pertaining to this catalogue or the Odeon Congolese catalogue please communicate this with bolingo.org!


We would love to hear more Camille Feruzi or anything from Opera Jazz or Odeon Kinois...



OK, so I am back from the countryside and finally back in editing mode! :-)

Thanks to the very kind and useful help of Peter Kowatsch we have around 40! new entrys in the 45 Fiesta discography! Thank you very much! (It will be up soon, hopefully tonight.)

Constant support from Stefan Werdekker brings not only enormous substance to most of the discographies but also well needed quality! Alastair Johnston brought in some good items to the Pathe 45. There were lots of other people that helped and by the looks of it this could turn into a 24 hours a day operation ... Who is complaining? I just say it takes time right... OK?!


And then some other important news!

I have finally given in and I know that I am working on too many fronts at the same time but that is how I am... I don't see any change in the near future so you will have to bear with me. It may look messy to some but I hope it shall be usefull nevertheless. Too many people were wondering why there were no discographies of the important releases from the labels of Verckys EVVI and VVLP (Alastair do you have any more info on that prefix?) and if I were not going to take on a listing of the Rythmes and Musique REM and ASLP and what about PZL, KL and so on and as I always wanted to make an attempt to deal with them in a coherent way I was thinking that I should wait untill I had a bit more material, but I guess that day will never come and it may in fact be counterproductive as I will not find all that information without your help! Already the good and helpful Miyauchi "Bonobo" Kyosuke (who has some great discografies on among others, Kiam, ) has volounteered to contribute to such an undertaking and I implore you to send any information you find after going through your vast and extensive collections chasing for items to include in such discografies. The first skimpy lists are here but I assure you that they can become quite big if evryone pools in! ALL information, text, covers, catalogues, etc. on EVVI & VVLP as well as REM is most welcome now! What do you think? Should I start at the same time with all the ASLP and PZL? I guess I might as well put what little I have of those to and hope that their mere presence will incite people to send more info seeing how skimpy and meagre they are!

Without any further ramblings or preambles here are the first attempts:




I have to explain something that was brought to my attention by the kind and helpful remarks by ljm de Jonge.
I quote the mail :
It looks like you don't know when they were released If I look at the Q.marks after the P19??, 

And while this is certainly true in some cases, it is not in most of them. I was using a stylesheet or a dummy for all the html documents that for my convenience did have that "spurious date" given but it was just for easy editing it was more like a placeholder, 19?? and then I was going to add the right year as I went along ediiting but I have simply not given the proper priority to updating that part of the information yet as I intended to supply scans or rather digital photos of the labels in the same way that I have for some 45's and if time allows I certainly intend to do so for each and every one of the records in these discographies. But it is quite a task to edit data of this volume and I beg forgiveness and mercy and maybe even a little understanding that all this takes tremendous time and I am doing it when I should be at sleep (sorry if now and then it looks as if I was sleeping when while editing the data :-)

Anyhow if you want to help send more pictures of labels. I have photgraphed some and I will do it for the rest of the Africans and Sonafric LP's that I have myself or have access to. Maybe I should make a list of the catalogue numbers of those....

Click here for samples of what I want to do but have not yet had time to implement more than for some measly samples.

Pathé 45 with labels

Pathé LP with labels

African LP with label

More to follow, I am firmly embedded in my editing of CD-cover scans at the moment and it is very many .... You will see. ... / LF


Next time there will probably be some budding 78 rpm discographies appearing so if you are holding out on information on congolaise 78 rpm information or have catalogues, printed or handwritten take photos of them or better yet scan them i you have a scanner actually you can type them in to to save my ever numbing fingers! /LF

2005.07.28 - There has been some major cosmetic changes to the first page of the discography. 45 rpm - LP's have there own page from where the separate disocgraphies are linked, soon there will be a separate page for CD's as well. Many more labels are being prepared and next to come apart from more and more CD's by label the fourth one out after Sonodisc CD catalogue and the Franco T.P OK Jazz 1 & 2 CD catalogues, is the Ngoyarto CD catalogue (NG), a full picture catalogue of all covers and traycards that I have from that label, if anyone has the missing I am most thankful for any contributions of scans or photos or tracklistings. The next ones will be Glenn Music CD catalogue and Editions Populaires de Pariis (EPP), Flash Diffusion Business (FDB) will take a little longer, all the scans are ready for the larger part of the catalogue is documents page with linkes to scans of various documents pertaining to cngolese music. There will also be some photogalleries. Constant work is being done on the African and Fiesta catalogues and some quite lovely new additions have been made thanks to many and Paul Johnston sent a particularily lovely suite of covers and backsides. Another great addition to the resorces at bolingo is that my good friend Anders Hällgren has put his work of love in the care of bolingo.org . The quite wonderful printed picture catalogue from Sonodisc of LP's and 45's in a meticulously careful digital rendering by this great lover of congolese music who also plays the music on his guitars. The LP'sleves galore gallery will be vastly expanded and I am still preparing for the first 78 rpm discographies getting help from several people, most notably from the resourceful and indefatiguable Stefan Werdekker. There will be some very exciting material on the Esengo catalogue some information on the early recordings of groups like African Jazz Bantous de la Capitale and T.P. OK Jazz

2005.07.08 -There has been some major changes in th structure of the webpages and the discographical indormation I am happy to say has more that doubled since several of you started to help out in a more regular fashion:

This time I am especially greatful to Stephane Rebeschini, "Kyosuke "bonobo" Miyauchi", Anders Hällgren, Ibrahim Genawi, Alastair Johnston and the inexhaustible Stefan Werdekker!

Several others have also helped, and contributions made quite some time back have also been added, so i all fairness many more should be mentioned but I thank you all on behalf of all that are benefitting!


I am sorry I have not really updated the log as I intended but I found it quite impractical to list each and every addition or correction as was my ambitious plan at the outset. Instead it was prooving to take almost as much time updating the log as it took to do the more needed corrections. I will continue it in a more sketchy way and you who use the pages more often will probably see what happened anyhow.

the following is a skimpy shakedown of some of the major additions and changes.

Most editing and adding work recently has been put here:


then of course there has been som eprogress on these:

send all your covers! I am editing some of mine I just found...






b.t.w. don't get too upset about the colour in this one it was more of a joke than any serious attempt to rejunevenate the way some think of discographic work as something dry and booring, and I assure you it will eventually change to something more readable in the near future.

Apart from the main page getting a little facelift there is this new addition of some modest preliminary kenyan material:


There are also some interimistic containers for recent scans and photosessions:


Dont be afraid to click on "things" sometimes the link is right and you get taken to were you were intended to go :-)

Sorry you will have to copy and paste the URLs as I am "going fishing" until wednesday next week and I just do not have time. I might embroider it until next "logging" if many enogh of you complain. /LF

2005.05.17 - More new stuff at:



Thanks to the indefatiguable help of Stefan Werdekker and Anders Hällgren some more wonderful EP covers from the "Stenco-Pathé-EMI-Columbia-HMV" catalogues could be added /LF 2005.05.13

I don't make all links below here clickable as all this editing just takes too much time, but you know what to do with them...


I know that this one is linkd from two EP's wrongly (ESDF 1380 & ESDF 1407) and I'll fix it soon but not tonight :-)

and there is a colour cover picture for this one but tomorrow maybe...and EG 839 needs a properly linked document that will also come soon ...


I went overboard here and I think that although we all think that would be nice I don't think I will do that more in very rare cases... Just click on all links in that document.... :-)



Anyhow hope you enjoy what is working!


Jack Shoults sent some more beautiful cover scans and some are already in the newly opened gallery.

(A kind of purgatory of scrutiny before they get into discographic paradise :-)

I have spent most days indoors lately (this "weaving" of webpages takes its fare share of time!) and this time it is thanks to Stefan Werdekker. Because of his generous contributions and good help there has been some glorious updates! I have to tke a pause for a few days but there will soon be some more wonderful EP covers from the "Stenco-Pathé-EMI-Columbia-HMV" catalogues /LF 2005.05.10

The recent updates are legio and the obvious place to start is of course here:


if you are unwilling to pok around at random, here is a list of alll files that got updated:

i'll list some of the EP's here tomorrow, youll find them nw if you snoop around from the



Thanks to Peter Kowatsch & Stefan Werdekker the following files were updated /LF 2005.04.28


The following files were updated /LF 2005.04.14

Thanks to Graeme Councel we have the SAF_50001.jpg! /LF 2005.04.11
The people who are helping out finally got a page with credits! LF 2005.04.10
A few more items were added to the Pathé Marconi EMI catalogue /LF 2005.04.10

The Sonafric SAF catalogue had some minor additions. (four thumbs for covers and one unknown title that became known /LF 2005.04.09
A few more items were added to the Pathé Marconi EMI catalogue /LF 2005.04.08
The Sonodisc CD catalogue had a big facelift but is still in an interimistic non-final state /LF 2005.04.06
African 360000 series discography had some more items added to it!

This log was added and eventually there may be a history page /LF 2005.04.06


Since I started these web-based discographies in the early nineties they have finally last year moved to their own domain. Althoug significant amounts of material has accumulated over the years I must admit that I have made much less progress than at first I anticipated. This kind of nitpicking takes significantly more time than one at first imagines.

These pages now and then feels a bit messy but I try to devote as much time as I can to making them better and more easy to navigate. Given this and the qualified guess that the future will not look much different it has become evident that some kind of log available to all visitors, to more easily see what ongoing work and additions that were done here without snooping around for hours in the wrong places, I finally gave in and opened this document.

I am terribly aware of the many shortcomings and the many loose links and will be most happy to receive your guidance and instructions to amend and make the pages better.

I get some seemingly irritated mail containing urges like "Why don't you have any music that we can listen to!" and "Send me all the Kiam and Lipua Lipua you have!" and all the people that does not bother to read more than finding the title they are looking for and "I want to order all the Dr. Nico CD's, tell me the shipping charges" and although my immediate reaction is why don't they send some information for me to update the discographies with!. Sometimes mails like that makes me wonder why I am doing this for no material reward whatsoever, but most of the mails are helpful and kind and come from knowledgable and wellinformed people with the best intents and so I am happy again. /LF 2005.04.09

Just a few days ago I got one rather short mail "Could you please update your site so that we could make use of it!"

I had to think a bit before I finally got "a round tuit" But then I lightened up a bit and, behold...

That is just what I did! ;-)

Hope it is useful to somebody!

Now will you plese send me all the information I am missing, so I can make a better site! ;-) /LF 2005.04.10

For those of you waiting for more vinyl to appear I can only say that it will and any information you send me I will add to the existing discographies but the main work right now is on CD's. /LF 2004.04.11.