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Lecture on Chinese Cricket Culture in Nyköping

30 July - 3 August 2008
Seminar on China i Sigtuna Conference Centre Lectures and ambient cricket sounds slideshow and Chinese cricket parafernalia exhibition.

Mr. Feng & the Chinese Cricket Rosary Ensemble wishes you a

Happy New Year of the Rat!

One lecture in Lund in the spring of 2007 date not yet fixed but will be announced here soon. At the moment there are no concerts scheduled.

If you like to arrange your own musical soiree with crickets or live cricket installations please contact me at: "c r i c k e t "at" b o l i n g o "dor" o r g

These cricketrelated events has already occured:



15 April 2008
Installation of ambient cricket sounds in a permanent exhibition on China at Kulturen in Lund.

3 March 2007

Lecture on Chinese Cricket Culture at Lunds Universitet. 19.00

5 January 2007

Concert at Berns Salonger in Berzelii Park in Stockholm. 19.00

Concert at Berns Salonger on the 5th of January 2007.
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see some photos taken at the concert:

photos by Per Kreuger:

Two weeks in October and one in December has been devoted to track down mastermusicians in Shanghai and Beijing regions. I have met with cricket breeders, catchmen and traders to form the basis for all the events during the winter 2006-2007.

Several other concerts in different locations soon to be announced here!

1 November 2006
The Etnographic Museum in Stockholm. 19.00

The release of the second CD with Chinese Crickets called Ting Qiu - Listen to Autumn, with improvising musicians playing alongside the installation of three times one hundred and eight chinese crickets (i.e. three rosaries of crickets) that will just have been brought back by me from China.

There will also be slideshows illustrating Chinese Cricket Culture and Environmental questions pertaining to crickets and their natural habitats.

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The 2nd coming of the release party at the Etnographic Museum 29 nov. 2006
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The release party at the Etnographic Museum 1 nov. 2006
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The Chinese New Year Cricket Concert in the Stockholm Concert Hall for the Design Year 2005.

Concert footage broadcast on Swedish TV 2 (”Kobra”), with interview.

The jazz club Mondo – Midnight mass of The Cricket Rosary Orchestra, December 2005

The jazz club Mondo in Stockholm – lecture and concert, October 2005

The jazz club Bacchi Vapen – concert with lecture and improvisations with jazz musicians.

“Lec-dem” concert in Bangalore, Department of Entomology.

Several ambient installations of both live and recorded of crickets, among them a fashion show.

Spontaneous concerts wherever I walk, as I mostly carry at least five, ten crickets with me daily.

Ambient and sonic art exhibitions with picture shows.

Other events related to Crickets:

November 9th, 2006.

Installation together with the artist Gunilla Sköld-Feiler of several hundred crickets at the then just opened new Gallery Tegen 2, Stockholm.

There will also be slideshows on Chinese Cricket Culture and Environmental questions pertaining to crickets and their natural habitats.

The installation will be open daily for the last three weeks in November 2006. Open hours 12.00 - 17.00
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1999 Donated several specimens of eight different species of Chinese crickets to the Museum of Natural History in Sweden.

1999 Started successful breeding of a few species of chinese crickets to study their behaviour, and to make more sense when selecting good singers and meeting chinese breeders and connoisseurs.

Consultant for Chinese Media Production Company


1998 - 2006 Lectures on crickets and cricket culture in many different places and with widely varying audiences. Here just to list a few:

Lectures for the Entomological Society of Sweden, for the Herpetological Society of Stockholm, at the jazz club Mondo, and at the Department of Entomology of the Institute of Science & Technology in Bangalore.

Lecture in Chinese on Chinese cricket culture in the arts at the opening of the Qi Baishi memorial museum in Beijing, October 2005.

Lectures on sonic identity for major PR and media companies both in Sweden and China.

Lecture with Slideshow on Crickets and Cricket culture at the Etnographic museum 2006.11.29.

More on Crickets

Concordance to Chinese, Japanese & Latin cricket names
with English and Swedish Translations.

Reference material for my CD's and books

These pages are created to serve as additional bonus information on the culture and tradition of keeping singing crickets in China, as well as a record of my own experimenting with, and development of this pastime as a means of artistic expression and environmental survival.

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